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SuperflyOz Podcast
Trustworthy Analysis and insight on events happening throughout my home, Hawaii, the United States and Around the World!
Category: News & Politics
Location: McCully, Honolulu, Oahu
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August 12, 2018 06:15 PM PDT

While the pundits still are looking over the numbers from the Primary Election in Hawaii, SuperflyOz takes another angle at looking at what happened through the perspective of a roving reporter. Find out the perspectives of what was happening on that day from SuperflyOz, from the polling booth to the actions on the street to what happened at two candidate parties SuperflyOz attended. You will hear the noise of the day and find out why SuperflyOz is praising election officials at his poling booth when he discovered an error when he went into the booth.

Find the podcast at www.politicshawaii.com, email SuperflyOz at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. Find the show also on iTunes and Stitcher, and donate to the show through the show's Patreon site at www.patreon.com/superflyoz.

August 05, 2018 06:27 PM PDT

Thanks to a letter to SuperflyOz asking him "Any thoughts so far on the primary?" SuperflyOz provides insight to both the listener as well as other listeners on how things look one week out for the Hawaii State Primary Election. Being held on August 11, the primary election is proving to be what SuperflyOz predicted - the one and only vote that the people of Hawaii will have in choosing their leadership, and political philosophy, of Hawaii for years to come. Find out what SuperflyOz said to the listener that you should take heed on, and find out what SuperflyOz sees as the "plan B" gameplans for those who will not win the vote on 8/11. Because for some, this is not the end of everything, but the beginning of other opportunities.

SuperflyOz also gives a shout out to a anonymous listener who has provided both their knowlege and some financial support to the show.

Remember, you can reach out to the program by going to www.politicshawaii.com, send an email to SuperflyOz, Stan Fichtman, himself at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. Subscribe to the program on iTunes or on Stitcher and find out more about the program on Patreon, find out more under the name "SuperflyOz".

July 28, 2018 03:48 PM PDT

This week's show focuses both on how one legislator in Hawaii is asking other legislators to be right in their critique of the Governor, and another person how they plan to spread kindness on their little yellow Vespa Scooter across the United States.

We first read a letter from Sen. Laura Thielen of the Hawaii State Senate, calling out other woman leaders in Hawaii for their criticism of Gov. David Ige's recent commercial stating to Colleen Hanabusa "Criticism isn't Leadership" and saying that his attack is sexist. She points out that these leaders whom are pointing a finger at the Governor are also at the same time pointing three fingers back at themselves for their hypocracy. Thank you to Sen. Thielen for allowing SuperflyOz to read that letter on air.

We then shift focus to a gentlemen who, next week, will embark on a cross country tour in a yellow Vespa called "Bee Kind" and spread a philosophy of kindness and help to places across the US. Jeff Lenhart will be getting out of his comfort bubble in working at the Dubuque St. Mission in Dubuque, Iowa, and going from the East to the West coast in a Vespa spreading kindness. SuperflyOz asks if your interested in helping Jeff to seek out his Facebook page and see if he could come to Hawaii.

You can reach out to SuperflyOz through email at sjfhawaii@gmail.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stan.fichtman and by Twitter at twitter.com/Stanfordjf. Find the program at www.politicshawaii.com

July 22, 2018 04:20 PM PDT

In late June, 2018, seven candidates -
Tommy Waters
Natalie Iwasa
Trevor Ozawa
Alan Yim
Gene Ward
Mark Hashem
and Ola Souza
Who are running for various city and state offices to represent the East Honolulu area were at a forum at the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board. One question that came up - what is their visions for infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc) was asked. You will find that the answers were varied, and in some cases, candidates used it to talk about non-infrastructure related issues and try to tie it back. One candidate out of the seven was one that SuperflyOz points out as being the only one that really answers the question intelligently. This is an important issue as road, sewer and water infrastructure is a key item that needs leadership in order for it to continue a certain quality of life in Hawaii. This is a issue you will want to hear what the candidates say!
And if your interested in reaching out to the SuperflyOz podcast, email Stan Fichtman, SuperflyOz himself, at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. And remember the show and its archive can be found at www.politicshawaii.com

July 14, 2018 09:27 AM PDT

SuperflyOz was pleased to sit down with former Hawaii State Senator Will Espero back in March for a wide ranging interview. One of the topics that he was passionate about was the idea of enhancing the tourism trade in Hawaii by emphasizing and growing the sports, culture and arts factors for Hawaii to become a culture and arts hub and a destination for sports programs from throughout. The Senator elaborates on ideas that he has presented for a while in both forums as well as in debates - ideas which SuperflyOz thinks are more thought-out ideas for the development of Hawaii's No. 1 (or 2 depending on how you define it) economic driver in Hawaii - Tourism.
SuperflyOz is always looking out for the next interview, with the next community leader! If you would like to be featured on the show please email the show at sjfhawaii@gmail.com and the SuperflyOz podcast microphone will come out to you for an interview. Remember, www.politicshawaii.com is where you will find the show and many prior episodes for you to listen to the SuperflyOz podcast, brodcast every Saturday (most times) from my knook here in the McCully Section of Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, USA!

July 07, 2018 04:20 PM PDT

SuperflyOz is honored to present his interview with Brandon Dela Cruz, a Filipino community leader in Hawaii, and now-former president of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. In a wide-ranging interview, hear what Brandon has to say about his year of service, what he has learned about himself and the community, and where we might see this young community leader come up next as a leader here in Hawaii. You will not want to miss this interview as Brandon, at the end, asks a question of SuperflyOz, an answer you will not want to miss.
And if you are interested in being interviewed on the SuperflyOz Podcast, please email me at sjfhawaii@gmail.com, and lets make arrangements to bring my microphone to your place and ask you a few questions that the listeners will want to hear!
Remember, you can find all the episodes of this podcast at www.polticshawaii.com, hosted by Podomatic!

July 04, 2018 03:29 AM PDT

The podcast does a special mid-week 4th of July broadcast, scoring the candidates at the recent "Superdebate" that happened on July 2. The Candidates for Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor, Congressional District 1 seat and Governor all debated in their cohorts over three hours. SuperflyOz provides insight on each of the races and provides explanations behind the scoring, going into details on specific candidate performance. Here are the candidates for each of the offices:
Senator Jill Tokuda
Senator Josh Green
Former Senator Will Espero
Former Board of Education Member Kim Coco Iwamoto
Mayor of Kauai Bernard Carvallho

Senator Donna Mercado Kim
Representative Kaniela Ing
Representative Beth Fukumoto
Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin
Lt. Governor, Hawaii, Doug Chin
Former Congressman Ed Case

Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa
Current Hawaii Governor David Ige

The SuperflyOz podcast, broadcast every Saturday most times, can be found at www.politicshawaii.com. Subscribe through Stitcher and iTunes. Reach out to SuperflyOz at sjfhawaii@gmail.com

June 30, 2018 04:06 PM PDT

The United States Supreme Court ended its year this week with two hefty decisions regarding the separation of church and state and the influence of unions in social and political issues. SuperflyOz analyzes the NIFLA Vs. Bercerra case, asking the question of why the Democrats, who advocate for the separation of Church and State, seem to want the state to tell the Churches what to do - something the Supreme Court said was a no no. Then we look again at the Janus vs. AFSCME case and wonder if now is the time for the reanalysis of the "Citizens United" case to possibly even out influential parties in the electoral process. As always, SuperflyOz, Stan Fichtman, is interested in hearing from you. So please email me at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. And listen to this and past shows at www.politicshawaii.com as well as on iTunes and Stitcher.

June 23, 2018 03:57 PM PDT

With the onslaught of news coming from Texas about illegal border crossers and splitting of families, Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Federal Office of Management and Budget quietly put forward a plan to reorganize wide swaths of the federal government. Ordered by President Trump, the plan would affect millions of people and change the way the citizenry would interface with their federal government. This wide ranging change could become reality if the media continues to insist on covering stories and misinterpreting photos rather than examining what your federal government is really doing. SuperflyOz gives you insight on this that, to this day, has not been done by the media. SuperflyOz also tells the tale of a "twitterment" or argument on Twitter, he had with a nationally syndicated talk radio host over a bad judgement of President Trump in Singapore with the North Koreans. Find the podcast at www.politicshawaii.com, email SuperflyOz at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. Find the show also on iTunes and Stitcher, and donate to the show through the show's Patreon site at www.patreon.com/superflyoz.

June 16, 2018 05:17 PM PDT

SuperflyOz got a chance to sit down with up and coming community leader Tyler Dos Santos Tam. Tyler is currently the Executive Director of the Construction Alliance in Hawaii and is a candidate for the City Council District 6 seat. SuperflyOz and Tyler discuss a wide ranging list of issues as well as questions that let you get to know this young leader a little bit more. This is a show you don't want to miss as SuperflyOz really helps the listener get to know Tyler Dos Santos Tam. After the show if you are a candidate for office and interested in being interviewed, reach out to SuperflyOz, Stan Fichtman, himself at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. Find out more about the podcast through the show's website at www.politicshawaii.com. Subscribe to the program either through iTunes or Stitcher.

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